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Eridani Digital specializes in the design and production of high quality, content-rich websites on a variety of topics about the environment, science, and balanced living. A number of ebooks about healthy living are currently in production.

This page is a launching site to the Eridani Digital websites that are currently on-line or in the planning and production stage.

Birding World

This website covers the incredible world of birds and birdwatching, from what kinds of birds are flying through your yard, where to find the best birdwatching spots in your region, to what’s happening in the world of bird conservation and research.

The Weather Expert

Have questions about the weather? This website provides answers to the most often asked questions about weather, storms, climate and how weather systems work, in plain language that anyone can understand and appreciate.

Backyard Birdfeeder

All the resources you need to start a birdfeeder. What kinds of food birds want, the types of feeders best suited to your yard and how to maintain a year-round relationship with the birds in your neighborhood.